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The Wooden Tongue Speaks by Bogdan Tiganov exposes and explores Romanian and Eastern European contradictions.

The Wooden Tongue Speaks is a book five years in the making, exploring a wide range of Romanian society, from doctors and politicians to factory workers, taxi drivers and cemetery employees, as well as ambitious young people looking for a way out. Bogdan Tiganov will alter your perceptions about exiled citizens.

Set in Romania, The Wooden Tongue Speaks is a compelling insight into a proud country long ignored and beset by clichés. This book, like award winning Romanian film, 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, confronts the cruelty of life: “A brutally honest insight into the bleakness of its post-communist disillusion,” says author Helena Drysdale. Here are people battered by their past, innocent people forced to speak with a wooden tongue for many years. What is the wooden tongue? It was the way Romanians expressed themselves for nearly half a century, never being able to reveal their true feelings and thoughts.

This book covers the last twenty years of post-communist Romania and shows just how confused, tarnished, and corrupt a society can become when the political control mechanism makes freedom merely an illusion. As the world worries about immigration and foreigners taking “what’s ours,” exiled author Tiganov gets to the heart of the multifaceted problem. A profound meditation about Romanian people, The Wooden Tongue Speaks, is also an innovative exploration in literary formatting, challenging standard rules.

“I wish to encourage people to slow down and to reflect on what they are reading. Too many readers have become used to skimming. It’s a hurried world. Often there is little time for anything worthwhile. In my book the text is purposely broken into individual lines – to persuade readers to pause and to think,” says Tiganov.