The Wooden Tongue Speaks

In The Wooden Tongue Speaks exiled Romanian author Bogdan Tiganov takes us on a journey to the interior of his home town of Braila in a collection of short stories and poetry. In this post cold-war collection, we discover the social, religious and political issues facing a people just now emerging into a world of contradictions and realities.

The Wooden Tongue Speaks deals with the ways in which communism affected the Romanians of today, the problems that migration causes to both the Romanians who leave and those who stay behind, the different attitudes of young people in Romania, childhood and what it means, the lives of Romanian street children and gypsies, mental health issues in Romania, old people battling their loneliness and their memories, friendship and careers in Romania, the lives of Romanian women, the importance of food in Romanian culture, doctors and their conscience, multicultural Romania and Romanian politics.

The Wooden Tongue Speaks is awaiting republication. First published by Subculture Books, Bogdan Tiganov has not received due royalty payments since March 2009 and Subculture Books stopped communicating in September 2009.