I Turn to God

When my soul is crushed

When I have nothing

When I am desperate

When I’ve been waiting for the truth

Far too long

I turn to God.

I turn to God to lift me, sentence me,

Resurrect me, reconstruct my

Ways of seeing, defend me,

Help me, reposition me, silence the

Thoughts which terrorise the spirit.

When the night is never-ending

And the people unforgiving

Untouchable, chemical,

When the light breaks into


I turn to God.

- Oh God, oh Lord, Almighty save me,

Dispel my loneliness, my aggression,

Punish the dragons in my belly

With waterfalls and the still -

When the end is nigh

And I don’t understand (not now, not ever)

They’ve all left

And I’m addicted to liquor

By God

I turn to God

When I feel depressed

When my loved ones hate me

When the sun’s stopped smiling

When the waters run dry

When the banks are empty

I turn to God

When I’m at my worst

When others see me finished,

A wreck, ghost-like, doomed,

When the singer’s dead

I turn to God.

I turn to God for judgement and

For what is best, what is left,

In hope, in resignation, I pray

Therefore for pity, acceptance,

Consolation before I write the masterpiece

Before I paint the Sistine Chapel

Before the dawn pulls the tear

From my eye

Before the drape falling fast the crack

That’s left is a vision of God.

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