Everything, Something and Nothing

We live in separate rooms

Each to their own, fair enough,


We take what we need and when we need it,

Whether it’s a slice of pizza or a slice of affection

And we don’t give back. Democracy.

We walk down the street like morons

Not knowing what to do and where to go

Or whether to escape like Gauguin.

And secretly or openly we discuss escape

Like we discussed the meal last night,

Quick and microwavable.

What will we do


When the only thing we can’t escape

Is us?

Who’s going to love us and accept us

When we’ve spent our time



And all the beauty, the landscapes, the sunsets,

They won’t make much sense to us,

Just like modern art,

Vision, principles or dignity.

Welcome to London, friends.

We won’t ever talk as I’ve forgotten how to

And we won’t ever feel, no, not really,

As we’ve paid out our feelings daily,

Whored out our emotions for survival,

Given everything in return for something.

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